Announced: Course Offering For January 2019

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Local London Flexi-learn, an initiative which helps people gain free qualifications and develop the skills needed to succeed in Health & Social Care, has announced its course offering for January 2019.  The educational programme offered by Local London Flexi-Learn includes qualifications in maths, English, digital and a range of vocational subjects such as mental health, autism, dementia, and challenging behaviour.  Through the Local London Flexi-Learn programme employers in the Health & Social Care sector can train their employees for free*; helping to improve progression and retention within their businesses.

Maths Qualifications

Whether your employees are measuring medicine doses, calculating body mass index or converting measurements for a patient, maths is an essential skill for anyone working in health and social care. Courses include ‘Beginners Qualification in Maths for Health & Social Care’ and ‘Extended Qualification in Maths for Health & Social Care’.

English Language Qualifications

Communication is key to your business running smoothly and effectively.  Our English language courses, which are suitable for individuals who do not speak English as their first language, can help your workforce to communicate more effectively with patients and colleagues, and to function safely at work. Courses include ‘Beginners Qualification in English for Health & Social Care’ and ‘Qualification in English for Health & Social Care’.

Digital Skills

From managing digital information to sending emails and updating databases, all health and social care workers require basic digital skills to carry out day-to-day activities while at work.  Equip your workforce with key digital skills to improve your organisation's efficiency, accuracy and ultimately effectiveness. Courses include ‘Beginner’s Digital Skills for Health & Social Care’ and ‘Award for IT Users in Health and Social Care’.

Vocational Qualifications

Upskill your workforce with industry-specific courses designed to work around your organisation.  Our vocational courses help individuals to learn, develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for employment and career progression in the health & social care sector. Courses include ‘Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care’ and further Specialist Health & Social Care Courses which span a range of industry-relevant topics, including mental health, autism, dementia, and challenging behaviour.

We continue to welcome new employer sign-ups. If you are a health and social care employer and you would like to be involved in Local London Flexi-Learn, then please get in touch 

*providing funding conditions are met

Siaan Spapens