Accessibility is the key to success


Local London Flexi-Learn (LLFL) has been granted funds to develop a replicable model to help people gain qualifications and develop the skills they need to succeed in the health & social care sector. For you as an employer, LLFL can help your business recruit skilled staff or improve the skills of your existing workforce by delivering sector-specific maths, English, digital and vocational training. 

Accessibility is key to the success of the programme. Newham College and its six partners conducted a questionnaire to ensure LLFL learning opportunities are developed in a way that is accessible to all. The questionnaire asked about the participant’s preferred learning environment, study hours and accessibility requirements.  Participants rated ‘community setting’, ‘at home’ and ‘the local library’ as their top three preferred learning locations; suggesting a need for flexible delivery of course content.  When asked about their preferred learning hours, participants wished to learn during the day or during working hours, but not whilst they are on their lunch break or before working hours. If participants are not able to learn during the week, findings suggest they are open to weekend learning options.  Results also suggested participants require learning options (staff and learning material) that are accessible via different technological outlets such as mobile apps and tablets.

The outcome of the questionnaire suggests people prefer learning at flexible times and in easy-to-access locations.  In response to this, LLFL will deliver a learning platform (virtual learning environment) which can be accessed anywhere and on any device. It will also have built-in features to support those with learning and/ or language needs. This will allow learners to access training at a time that suits their working pattern, while also be accessible from any location; whether that be at the workplace, at home, or on a mobile device. In addition, training will be backed up by face-to-face support, telephone, video calling or online chat support.

We continue to welcome new employer sign-ups. If you are a health and social care employer and you would like to be involved in Local London Flexi-Learn, then please get in touch.

Siaan Spapens