For Employers

For you as an employer, Local London Flexi-Learn will help your business to recruit staff with the skills that you need and improve the skills of your existing workforce, helping with progression and retention so that you are not constantly looking for new staff. Your employees can access resources at a time that suits their working pattern; backed up by face-to-face support, telephone, video calling or online chat support. Local London will provide equipment and resources by agreement with the employer.

If you are a health and social care employer and you would like to be involved in Local London Flexi-Learn, then please get in touch.

Employers need help in developing key skills. Flexi-Learn is bringing together training providers and employers to help find solutions to these logistical challenges in the healthcare sector
— Ranjan Pattni, Apprenticeship Lead, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Maths - but not as you know it

Your employees need to use maths on a daily basis. Whether they’re measuring medicine doses, calculating body mass index or converting measurements for a patient, maths is an essential skill for anyone working in health and social care. Our maths courses are contextualised to the health and social care sector; making it more meaningful, easier to understand and more enjoyable for your workforce.

English - but not as you know it

Communication is key to your business running smoothly and effectively. Our English language courses, which suitable for individuals who do not speak English as their first language, can help your workforce to communicate more effectively with patients and colleagues, and to function safely at work. Each course is designed to improve spoken communication, vocabulary, grammar and report writing skills within the context of health and social care.

Digital Skills for Health & Social Care

From managing digital information, to sending emails and updating databases, all health and social care workers require basic digital skills to carry out day-to-day activities while at work. Equip your workforce with key digital skills to improve your organisations efficiency, accuracy and ultimately effectiveness. Speak to us about how our digital courses can integrate with your existing training programme and improve the skills of your workforce. View digital courses.

Skills in Health & Social Care

Upskill your workforce with industry specific courses designed to work around your organisation. Our vocational courses help individuals to learn, develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for employment and career progression in the health & social care sector. Courses span a range of topics including mental health issues, diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care and principles of communication. View vocational courses.

Bespoke training

At a reasonable cost our team can work with your business to develop a bespoke training programme for your employees. Get in touch to discuss your businesses needs today!


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